Random Facts About John Cachero

  • I schemed an elaborate plan to propose to my wife in a very high traffic, public place (the fountain at Virginia Beach Town Center) that would rival any romantic comedy. The plan went perfectly, hundreds of strangers surrounding us applauded, her parents were in attendance at my invitation, the band in the square that night played an impromptu version of "Chapel of Love", and, most importantly, she said, "Yes!" - Needless to say, I'm a romantic and also very extroverted.
  • My wife and I swing dance. It's super fun. You should try it.
  • I am completely in love with my two daughters. They both have me wrapped around their fingers.
  • I absolutely love football. Unfortunately for me, the pro team and the college team that I follow have been mediocre to downright crummy for the last 25 years or so, but I still root for them. That's loyalty.
  • I love music. Before I switched over to buying/streaming music digitally, I had over 2500+ retail bought CD's in my collection and I kept it in alphabetical order. I listen to everything. If you opened the first page of the first CD wallet in my collection, you would see two 10,000 Maniacs albums right next to 2Pac's two-disc greatest hits album.
  • I love karaoke. I once brought down the house at a wedding (I was a guest, not the photographer) by giving a spirited rendition of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" before getting "RickRoll'd" was ever in the Zeitgeist.
  • I read comic books and graphic novels. When I first started reading comics as a young lad, I preferred reading Marvel over DC. Actually, I still do. Superman is the most unimaginative character ever. There, I said it.
  • I love sushi. I especially love white tuna nigiri. I would eat sushi every day if it weren't so expensive.
  • I like taking photos.


John Cachero Photography specializes in commercial, portrait, wedding, and special event photography for clients not only in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, but also all of Hampton Roads, Virginia, its surrounding areas, and destinations beyond.