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John Cachero Photography, your friendly neighborhood Hampton Roads photographer, is back online with a completely new website redesign, and is celebrating by giving away a FREE portrait session!

That's right folks, I'm back. Well, technically I never left, but anyway, I am so incredibly stoked for this new website. This redesign was sorely needed and I kept three things in mind with every design decision I made:

"Keep it simple. Make it easy to navigate. Focus on the photos."

Here is some of what you will find at the new John Cachero Photography website:

  • Home Page - Easy to navigate landing page to greet viewers to my site.
  • Photography Blog - Keep up with my latest photos and updates. You're here now.
  • Portfolio - Check out examples of all the photography services I provide in one convenient place.
  • Wedding Photography Page - Want to find out more about the weddings I photograph? You got it.
  • Portrait Photography Page - Want to find out more about the portraiture I photograph? You got that, too.
  • Video Slideshow Page - Check out some of the video slideshows I provide my wedding clients.
  • About John Cachero - Information about yours truly.
  • Rates Page - Discover all the photography services I provide and how much it'll cost you to hire me.
  • Contact Page - When you're ready to ask questions or to make a booking inquiry, this is where you do it.

In addition to all this, the new website is extremely iOS and Android friendly without forcing your mobile device to display a stripped down version of the site. After all, what good is a photography website that doesn't show any photos?

Speaking of photos, here's one with my new watermark which matches the new John Cachero Photography brand:

Norfolk Virginia Engagement Portrait Photograph by John Cachero - Nicole & Dan


To celebrate this magnificent website redesign, John Cachero Photography is giving away a FREE PORTRAIT SESSION! You read that right. I'm giving away to one lucky person the opportunity to have their portrait shot by me for FREE and the rules to enter are quite simple.


That's it. Make it funny, make it touching... whatever you do, just make it noticeable. The best THREE entries will be reposted by me later this week and the entry with the most "LIKES" will get the FREE PORTRAIT SESSION. It's that simple!

So, now that you've checked out the new site, do me a favor and give me some feedback. What do you think about the new redesign? Leave a comment below or on Facebook or on Twitter!

For those of you that have been following the growth of my business, THANK YOU. Without you I would not be where I am today.

For those of you that are thinking about hiring me as your photographer, thanks for giving me a chance. If you book me, I won't let you down.



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