John Cachero Photography featured on the 6 Million People Project blog.

John Cachero Photography's portrait photography was featured recently on the blog for The 6 Million People Project highlighting the contributions I've made so far to the group; many of which can be found in my newly added "Portraits" gallery on my Portfolio site.  I'm excited by this recognition and I intend to continue to contribute portraits to the group until they reach their goal.  As of writing this, 13,415 members are in the group and over 82,000 unique portraits have been added.  Their goal is simple, but important:
"The 6 Million People Project at Flickr is collecting pictures of 6 million people, one portrait at a time. The photo pool stands a tribute to the 6 million Jewish people and millions of others who died during the Nazi Holocaust."

If you’re a Flickr member, there is no reason why you shouldn’t participate in this group.

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