John Cachero Photography had the pleasure photographing Megan's bridal portraits in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Whenever my clients and I discuss where a portrait session should take place, I always put the wishes of my clients first.  If they know where they would like their photos to be taken, we'll take them there... there's beauty to be found everywhere.  However, this is the first time I had to insist on a different place for portraits.

When Megan excitedly described to me the details of her beautiful wedding dress, I immediately envisioned where I wanted to shoot her bridals, but Megan was set on having her photos taken on the beach.  I explained to her that her dress would be better shot in a colonial setting, which would further romanticize her beauty in that dress, rather than on a beach.  She trusted me, though, she only reluctantly agreed.  After I showed her the completed set, she enthusiastically thanked me for changing her mind.

Here are just some of my favorites from Megan's bridal portrait session.

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