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Announcement: Might I Trouble You to Resend Your Booking Inquiry?

I received some disappointing information recently that due to an unannounced change to the servers of a major hosting company who shall not be named (cough)GoDaddy(cough), the contact forms on this site have been incorrectly telling you, my potential photography clients, that your booking inquiries have successfully been sent to me, but when my host processed the requests, it refused to send them to my inbox.  In short:

If you have sent a booking inquiry to me via the contact form on this site during the month of February 2011 and I have not responded, I simply never received your inquiry, and for that, I apologize.  In the meantime, if you would like to hire me for photography services, please send an e-mail directly to me -- john(at) -- or give me a call at 757-675-6647.

At the moment (and after hours of scouring forums for a solution), the contact forms appear to be fixed, however, directly contacting me will ensure that I will receive your booking inquiries.

So, please, bear with me as I make the move away from my current hosting situation over to a new hosting server.  If all goes well, I'll also have a nifty new site to let you know that the switch has successfully occurred.


John Cachero


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New Twitter Background for John Cachero Photography

The John Cachero Photography Twitter account has an updated background if you visit the actual website.  To be honest, I don't know anyone that still uses the website as opposed to a Twitter client.  However, if you still use the website, you'll be treated to lots of my recent photos.

Depending on the aspect ratio of your monitor (regular or widescreen) and/or the resolution, different photos are viewable in the background.  I even took into account what photos would appear if you clicked a link that sent you to a single tweet page like this for example.

If you'd like to see the full background without any of the interface, click on the image below.

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I'm Here, Hampton Roads... I've Just Been Busy

Chesapeake Maternity Photography

John Cachero Photography is proud to update you with all the events happening in the life of this Hampton Roads photographer.  Most importantly, I'm going to be a father!  My beautiful wife and I will be welcoming our first child at the beginning of summer.  As such, for the remainder of the year, I'll be taking on only a limited amount of photography jobs, so if you'd like to book me, please send an inquiry sooner than later.  We can't wait to meet our little daughter!

While preparing for this life-changing experience through this past winter, I've been shooting a wide variety of photography gigs, but admittedly have let my updates fall to the wayside.  The following shots are a preview of all the blog posts to come in the next several weeks.  Take care, everyone!

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Norfolk, Virginia Engagement Photography - Kat & Brian Norfolk, Virginia Engagement Photography - Kat & Brian

Washington D.C. Wedding Photography - Marcela & Dan Washington D.C. Wedding Photography - Marcela & Dan

Norfolk, Virginia Concert Photography - Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun Norfolk, Virginia Concert Photography - Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

Williamsburg, Virginia Wedding Photography - Kristen & Jeremy Williamsburg, Virginia Wedding Photography - Kristen & Jeremy

Virginia Beach Youth Sports Photography - St. Gregory Saints Virginia Beach Youth Sports Photography - St. Gregory Saints

Norfolk, Virginia Bat Mitzvah Photography - Rachel Norfolk, Virginia Bat Mitzvah Photography - Rachel



Hampton Roads Virginia Tweetup Photowalk - May 3, 2009 - Info

Hampton Roads Tweetup Photowalk 05-03-09 Graphic

John Cachero Photography is organizing the May 2009 Hampton Roads Tweetup Photowalk to take place in Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia.  For the past month, I've been vigorously trying to find all the creative minds in Hampton Roads who are on Twitter, and now that I've found quite a handful of you, I wanted to bring us all together.  Whether you're a photographer or not, whether you own a camera or not, even whether you're on Twitter or not, feel free to join us.

Vital Information:

  • Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 at 1pm

  • Olde Towne Portsmouth, Virginia

  • The photowalk will start and end at The Bier Garden (438 High Street, Portsmouth, Virginia 23704)

  • Hash tags: #HRVA (Hampton Roads, Virginia) #tweetup #photowalk

  • Follow @HRVAphotowalk for tweets regarding this photowalk

Tweeps Attending:

The Bier Garden is a great place for people to come early to eat lunch (and have a beer or two), as well as a great place for all of us to meet at the end (and have a beer or two).  No time has been set for the duration of the photowalk, nor has a route been established.  Honestly, I'm winging it here.  However, I've been itching to shoot in and around Olde Towne Portsmouth for quite some time now, and I figure the route will present itself naturally to us.

I will be updating this blog post as more information becomes available.  I'm open to any and all suggestions.


Update 1 - I created a Flickr group so that we can pool our photowalk photos in one place - Hampton Roads Virginia Photowalks - If you plan on sharing your photowalk photos on Flickr, please tag your photos "hrva050309".  Thanks!

Update 2 - @Tom has made me an assistant organizer at the official Hampton Roads Tweetup site, so I scheduled this tweet up there: - If you're interested in keeping informed about other tweetups, you should become a member.

Update 3 - According to AccuWeather - - we will be mostly cloudy with possible showers during our photowalk.  If you own a camera bag, be sure to bring it along in case we do get precipitation.  Rain or shine, I will be at The Bier Garden at 1pm to tweetup with anyone who shows up.


Please comment on this blog post below whether you'll be attending and include where we can find you on Twitter.


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Free iPhone Background - JCP Edition

Holding an iPhone With John Cachero Photography Background

John Cachero Photography has plenty to be excited about in the month of March.  First, I finally got an iPhone to call my own at the beginning of the month; second, I celebrate my birthday in the middle of the month; and third, I will be shooting my first wedding of the year in Norfolk at the end of the month.  In light of these events, I designed a John Cachero Photography iPhone background for use on my iPhone.  Even though I'm not entirely sure why someone else would use it on their iPhone, I've decided to share this free iPhone background with you.  I also plan on making more iPhone backgrounds from my photography to share for free which, I promise, will look much less like an advertisement for me than this one.  In the meantime, download and save the following image if you'd like.  Enjoy.

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John Cachero Photography iPhone Background

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Portrait Photography Featured by The 6 Million People Project

John Cachero Photography featured on the 6 Million People Project blog.

John Cachero Photography's portrait photography was featured recently on the blog for The 6 Million People Project highlighting the contributions I've made so far to the group; many of which can be found in my newly added "Portraits" gallery on my Portfolio site.  I'm excited by this recognition and I intend to continue to contribute portraits to the group until they reach their goal.  As of writing this, 13,415 members are in the group and over 82,000 unique portraits have been added.  Their goal is simple, but important:
"The 6 Million People Project at Flickr is collecting pictures of 6 million people, one portrait at a time. The photo pool stands a tribute to the 6 million Jewish people and millions of others who died during the Nazi Holocaust."

If you’re a Flickr member, there is no reason why you shouldn’t participate in this group.

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